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Peter D. Ruppert P.E.

New York State Licensed Professional Engineer License Number 074224

Soundview Engineering P.C.
New York State Professional Engineering Corporation
Certificate of Authorization to perform Engineering Services Number: 0003124
New York State Corporate Home Inspector License Number: 16000054790
New York City Department of Buildings Special Inspection Agency Number: 006974
New York City Department of Buildings Construction Superintendent Number:27745


                   ALL OF LONG ISLAND AND NEW YORK CITY      

Toll free: 1-888-257-6737  

 Our Special Residential Inspection Rate is : $595.00 

Soundview Engineering, PC BBB Business Review

For a single family home, up to four bedrooms, two baths, basement/cellar, garage. Termite Inspection Included, as noted.

Larger, Historic, and specialized condition house inspections are priced higher.

Commercial inspections are evaluated as per size and type of use. Call us for details.

Our emailed, PDF report service, which includes an attached, typed summary with digital photos for you and your attorney, when possible, in all of our inspections. We check all accessible areas of the inspection site, including attics, crawlspaces, and cellars.

We know from experience, a thorough report, written by a Professional Engineer, serves our clients with correct information. The template-type software, available online report does not, in our Professional Opinion. It is limited in scope, generic, and only serves to limit the information delivered to the client, in our Professional Opinion. Soundview Engineering's focus is to deliver an accurate and thorough inspection report.

We open all accessible electric panels, check the roofing at close proximity, and return, on-site, at minimum extra charge, with advance notice at request, to check normally accessible areas, now blocked by storage

We do not end the inspection until WE are satisfied we have checked everything as required.

Additional services

Wooden Decks

Wooden Decks, especially raised wooden decks are check for code compliance, structural capability, and condition. There are different issues with wooden decks, which need correction to meet today's codes, as well as to meet structural integrity. We evaluate the deck structure and advise if it needs corrections and or more support. The fact a "new deck" was installed to replace an older, existing deck, which had a permit, may mean the new deck installation followed obsolete codes from the construction of the preexisting one, or may need corrections.

If you are purchasing a home, with an attached wooden deck, the first advisement is to ensure the deck has a permit, and is shown, or, reflected on the certificate of occupancy. If is is not shown it will need to meet the code and setback requirements of the local building department.

Structures Originally Built Upon Earth with no Foundation

We design support systems, taking into consideration first the condition of the building after a thorough inspection. The design of the support system will encompass the needs of the individual-owner and the original design and use of the building we are considering.

Historic Buildings

We have been honored by members of historical organizations to inspect certain properties and structures in order they be saved from destruction. The contagious enthusiasm and the care the community has for their historic buildings is more than enough incentive to do this work for them as a courtesy. We need to preserve our heritage and the buildings are a symbol of the lifestyle which once existed here. We welcome any preservation organization to call on us for assistance. Soundview Engineering is successful in helping save a very significant and interesting historic home on Long Island from destruction, and renovating a New York City Landmark building.

Code Compliance

We check for possible discrepancies when a house is represented as having a complete certificate of occupancy with additions, finished basement, and deck.

Peter D. Ruppert P.E.
New York State Licensed Professional Engineer
New York State Licensed Home Inspector
Call me now with any questions you may have about your building issues:
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